A Little Training Walk and Some Light Refreshments – only £500 to go to our Fundraising Target – Help us to help Cancer Research UK

Dad and I finally got together again after our trip to Peru and did a little training walk around Danbury today.

Having not done so much walking since we got back from Peru and as I was heading to Dads for tomorrow for the One Year Anniversary of Mum passing away, we decided we needed to stretch our legs and start getting back in to training. It is only three months until we do our Hardrian’s Wall trek for Cancer Research Uk in memory of Mum, so we have a lot to do!

The walk was a lovely little circuit around the Church and Danbury Country Park. It was quite muddy in places and we had to jump over a little stream but it was nothing in comparison to our trek through the Amazon a couple of weeks ago. We were lucky that the rain broke and held off until we had finished our walk and found shelter in a great little pub.

We had a delicious Sunday lunch at The Cricketers and I think we will be going back there again when we do a longer walk around Danbury next time.

We have raised over £3,500 so far for Cancer Research UK and we only have another £500 to go to our target we have set ourselves. If you want to support us please donate via our just giving page or share this blog to help us gain followers and supporters.
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To find out more about Danbury Country Park please visit here:Danbury Country Park

To see more about The Cricketers please visit The Cricketers


Stand Up To Cancer! Fundraising at Tesco


My Dad and I are exhausted. We have just spent the last two days fundraising for Cancer Research at Tesco, Princes Road, Chelmsford where Mum used to work. We wanted to boost our fundraising and awareness for our Hadrian’s Wall Walk next year in aid of Cancer Research. Rosemary’s Cruisers were there on the 21st and 22nd of October timed perfectly to support Stand Up To Cancer.

It was humbling to meet so many people effected by cancer and so many cancer survivors. It made us appreciate even more just how important the work of Cancer Research is and how every penny we can raise to help fight this vile disease really does help to make a difference.

We split our time between walking on the treadmill and talking to people whilst we took donations. This was the first time my Dad had been on a treadmill so it was hard work for him. I am so proud of him for organising this and for every second he spent on that treadmill. After two days our legs are a little sore. We averaged about 18 miles a day.

We’d like to thank the staff at Tesco for enabling us to do this fundraising event and of course to thank the shoppers at Tesco who helped us raise so much money. It was also great to see so many of my Mum’s work colleagues and shoppers who remember her so fondly. Thank you for your support and coming to chat with us on the day. We are now on 75% of our target for the Hadrian’s Wall Walk in Memory of my Mum Rosemary Alexander.

We’ve still got a long way to go to our target so please support us by donating on our Just Giving page … Thank you.. Keep well and Stand Up To Cancer!!!

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