Scientists link obesity to THIRTEEN types of disease including the ovaries, stomach and liver

Cancer-cellsYesterday I read an article in the Mail about how Obesity is linked to 13 types of cancer. Having been overweight for most of my adult life this article scared me. I also wanted to know more, as I know a lot of Newspapers glorify stories to scare-monger and attract readers with sensationalist stories, particularly about obesity and its effects on people. I was also advised by the Genetic Counsellor I saw at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge that I had done all I could in losing weight and that it had given me better chances, in fact according to Cancer Resarch 11% lower risk of cancer overall.

Having lost my Mum recently to Ovarian Cancer I have been consulting with Addenbrookes to get her DNA tested to see if she had the BRCA1 Gene Mutation. I will then decide how I want to progress once I have Mum’s results. I have lost over 11 stone, 9 stone of this on the Slimming World healthy eating plan. Mum was so proud of me and came with me when I was invited by Slimming World to feature in their magazine and take part in a photo shoot in London. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and I was so glad to share this with my Mum. When she was in hospital she kept telling every nurse she met about my transformation and it is one thing that keeps me on track. Since Mum has passed I have been struggling to maintain my weight. Throwing myself in to a social life has been one of the things that is keeping me going and this isn’t friendly to my waistline. I have gained half a stone and am out of my ‘target’ bubble. I know that I will get back to target as I have to keep making Mum proud and keep myself the healthiest I can be. I am finding a balance between healthy living and mindfulness and with the wonderful support of Jane Aldous and her amazing Slimming World group I will get back to target.

As for my worries about my Obesity causing cancer… from the conversation I had with the genetic consultant apparently it used to be 1 in 3 people who got cancer, now as we live longer and are exposed to so many more chemicals it is more like 1 in 2. So the chances are that at some point I will  get some form of cancer or perhaps it will miss me. I will not live in fear of cancer but I will give myself the best chances possible. I fully intend to live my life to the full, enjoy myself and the freedom that I have and take care of myself and my body at the same time.

Cancer is a vile disease that is robbing so many of their family members and loved ones. Myself, my Father, my Aunt and my Friend are walking Hadrian’s Wall next year and aim to raise £4k to support Cancer Research so we can help them fight this illness. If you can take the time to sponsor us or share our blog it would be greatly appreciated as we have set ourselves a huge target.

If you want to read the Mail article here it is: Mail Online – Obesity Cancer Link Article

If you want to read more about how being overweight can cause cancer visit the link here to the Cancer Research site Cancer Research How Being Overweight Causes Cancer

If you want to read more about my Slimming World Story visit here Slimming World Story

Can losing weight lower your risk, Cancer Research UK explains more here Cancer Research UK – losing weight lowering your risk

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Genetic testing and hereditary ovarian cancer: Target Ovarian Cancer launches new information guide.

Our Charity walk along Hadrian’s Wall will help fund research to fight these illnesses and may help to uncover further Gene Testing that could save more lives. Target Ovarian Cancer released a new guide to help women through the process and the difficult decisons ahead. As I am going through this process at the moment it is a useful read and I hope this helps others too.

Target Ovarian Cancer Gene Testing Guide

Download the guide here

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BRCA1 testing at Addenbrooks and Exploring Cambridge

This weekend my Dad and I spent a lovely few days exploring Cambridge as we were there for me to visit Addenbrooks hospital to start the BRCA1 gene testing process.

As Mum had breast Cancer over 10 years ago and then passed away from Ovarian Cancer this year I have been submitted to the Addenbrooks Genetics testing unit. I met with a genetics counsellor to talk through what will happen. I didn’t realise just how lengthy a process it is to test someones blood sample to check for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. It takes two months of testing. It is no wonder they are so thorough when it comes to making sure that I am emotionally ready for this and that I really want to go ahead as it must be quite costly. I also found out that even if they do not find the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation that they can still keep the blood sample and in 5, 10, 15 years they an re-test for other genetic markers that may have been discovered by then. So this walk seems all the more important to me now. Just think of all those advances in genetic research that could be made, the people who could be diagnosed earlier, if we raise that little bit more to help Cancer Research.

To find out more about Gene testing please visit this Cancer Research BRCA1 Gene testing

My Aunt came along to the appointment with me for emotional support. I was really glad that she was there to support me but also to help give information about our family tree and health history. They go in to so much detail and my brain got a little overwhelmed at times. But I’m going ahead, late October I will have the results of Mums blood sample and then I will be taking a look at what my options are depending on the results.

Whilst we were in Cambridge it was a lovely time to catch up with my Aunt and my Dad and have a walk around this beautiful city. It was so busy but we managed to find some peace in the Botanical Gardens and down by the River Cam.

I think me and Dad clocked up about 7-8 miles per day on average.

We spent the evening in a lovely little restaurant called  Galleria Restaurant, and then went to watch The Tempest performed in St John’s College Gardens. A wonderful end to a difficult day.

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This early surgery could benefit women – I’m off to Addenbrooks on Monday to start the BRCA1 gene testing process. With extra funding Cancer Rsearch UK could help with so many other ways of testing to help prevent the loss of loved ones to Cancer.

This early surgery could benefit women

via This early surgery could benefit women — Totally Inspired Mind…

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