Day Four: Housesteads Fort, Steelrigg and on-wards – Oh what a beautiful day!

I’m broken today. I actually felt ready to collapse today at the end of our walk and did end up laying on the floor to recover in the car park where we were picked up.

The B&B we stayed at last night was wonderful but the breakfast was even better. You can’t beat Croissants with Nutella then a full fry up when you have such epic hikes ahead of you.

We started from Housesteads Fort, which was a mile walk up hill from the car park drop off point to join the wall again. We then had to defeat Steelrigg which was the hardest walk we have done to date. I’m so proud of Dad and how well he did, we defeated that bad boy!

The walk has been breathtakingly beautiful but one hell of a craggy rollercoaster of a walk. It is definitely not undulating and our guide book is being burnt and a nasty letter sent when we get back. The mileage is so out and we are walking further than we thought we would have to and that is without the hills up and down.

The sun has shone brightly for us today and as I was walking up one hill I was belting out ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’ only to be echoed from the other side of the hill ‘oh what a beautiful day’ from another female walker. I had thought I was on my own with Dad. The support from other walkers to each other has been amazing and has kept me going today.

My knees have been agony today as we have been up and down so many hills with steps which were so slippery and steep and craggy. We’ve walked past Lochs, Robin Hoods tree, loads more sheep, turrets, I’ve hidden in holes in the wall, talked to runners as they passed us and made friends all along the way. What has really kept us going though is the messages of support from our friends and family at home. We’ve shed tears.

We’ve also laughed loads today but probably from delirium but also because Laura has been on top form making me crack up. Laura is a Trojan and walked miles on her numerous blisters today, whilst I moaned about my few like the big girls blouse that I am. She puts me to shame!!

We had lunch on the route again today as there is just no way of knowing when we are going to get to certain points any more. It such a tough and long slog and we cannot really plan times anymore.

I could have cried today at the end of the walk when we got to our amazing hotel and she offered to make us a pot of tea and there were biscuits and chocolates waiting for us. I’ve been dreaming of a pie and mash and gravy all week and thank heavens tonight I am having steak pie with short crust pastry! I’ve already opened a bottle of wine as I write this and me and Laura are singing to each other as we get ready for dinner laughing about the people we have seen along the way today and the state of our feet.

If you have had a beautiful day and want to support us and our trek with wounded tootsies please donate via our Just Giving page as every single penny is helping us to help Cancer Research find a cure:JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Oakwood Park Hotel


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