Day Three: Chollerford to Housestead Fort – Hills?? Undulating?? Yeah right!! That was a hard day!

We cut today short. But what an incredibly beautiful awe-inspiring day. Wow that was hard going!!

I don’t know where to start or what to say today apart that I am proud of all of us today.

We have all had our moments where we have had a cry and we have all had magical moments today too.

We started off at a slower space determined to enjoy today and take our time. The sound of bird song has been almost deafening. I’ve been chatting to sheep, cows and followed by a friendly yellow wagtail watching my progress. I have lain in buttercup fields and soaked up the sun’s rays whilst listening to the birds, sheep, and the sound of the wind. We’ve climbed some massive craggy hills and struggled with the descent. I’ve never been so grateful for a walking pole. My blister has nagged me all day.

We stopped at Brocolitia Fort and had a fantastic cup of coffee from The Corbridge Coffee Company. The best coffee I have had so far on this trip. I was watching the blackest clouds on the horizon and praying that I wouldn’t get soaked through. The coffee vendor promised me it wouldn’t rain today and said I could have a free coffee if I got wet this afternoon. It didn’t rain and the sun kept coming out for us today.

We were then passed by a group of men who were staying at our hotel the night before who were running it, I was jealous at first of them running the wall but later as the ascent and descent got harder I realised just how crazy a run this would have been. Walking down those descents was hard enough with a pole.

There were no loos on the route at all and I was so grateful for all those squats I do in my gym work out to keep me balanced. It was almost impossible to find anywhere private so I apologise to the county of Northumberland for my bare pale butt.

It was a short mileage day today but it was probably the hardest but most rewarding day so far because of the climbs and the views.

One climb in particular led to a breath-taking view over a lake and as I stood there I was overwhelmed by the fact that a few years back at over 22 stone I could never have done this and never have dreamed it possible. I felt so alive and so in my element stood at the top with the wind blasting my face and the sun shining over the view stretching for miles. I have never felt so proud of myself and the strength that I now have. Life has thrown a lot at us recently. Dad came up the hill and said Mum would be so proud of me, we had a huge cuddle and I cried my eyes out. I miss you Mum and I will keep making the most of every moment and living life to the full and enjoying everything that I can now do and keep challenging myself. Whatever life throws at me now I know I am stronger than I ever used to be.

Cheese over now! No more motivational emotional stuff….

We cut the walk short today as we were all exhausted and pushing ourselves beyond the point of enjoyment. It made sense to cut the walk short at the Fort to head back to the B&B and recharge. We don’t know how far we walked today as all of our trackers kept playing up but we think we have walked about 11 miles at least. I think me and Auntie June needed the cuddle we had in the back of the car on the way back. Dad is still looking for a decent pint and he so deserves it tonight. I love you Dad and really am proud of how you are doing.

It was great to get my shoes off and check over my feet. Laura will be joining us again tomorrow as her feet are a little better. When we got back to the B&B the runners were there stood outside in their bare feet. I think I will need more toe SOS tonight.

We are staying at the Grey Bull B&B tonight and will be eating at Twice Brewed where Dad can have a pint. I am going to enjoy some well-earned cider.

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Grey Bull Hotel

Twice Brewed Inn

Housesteads Fort

Corbridge Coffee Company


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