Day Two: Heddon on the Wall to Chollerford. Blisters on Blisters.

Even shorter blog today. Walked over 17 miles! Ouch!

We met some lovely people on the way, from American tourists to three Volunteers who were on the way to work on path maintenance along the Hadrian’s Wall route and very generously donated to our fundraising efforts. I was very touched by how much they donated and their kind words.

It’s been a long hard slog, I’ve got blisters on blisters but not as many as Laura. She is a legend!! It has been a beautiful but hard walk and if I ever see another ladder or stile again after this trip I will cry!!

We had lunch at a great pub called the Errington Arms at Port Gate, the sandwiches were delicious.

Tonight we are staying at the George Hotel in Chollerford and I am too exhausted to use the pool and Jacuzzi.

Getting to the hotel tonight and seeing Uncle Tim waiting for Auntie June almost made me cry, I’d have loved to have seen Mum there waiting for Dad. It’s why we are doing this to help raise funds for Cancer Research so other people don’t have to lose their loved ones or family members in the future if Cancer Research can help to find a cure.

I’m tired and emotional and ever so proud of my team mates today. Especially Laura who had to drop out because of blisters and she still carried all of my crap up to our room whilst we were still completing our daily mileage.  Auntie June for her determination and great pacing, and Dad for keeping going and getting there before me today as he was so desperate for the loo! and of course Uncle Tim for the foot surgery on me and Laura.

If you want to donate to support us please use our Just Giving Page: JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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