Day One: Segedunum to Heddon on the Wall. Happy 30th Birthday Laura!!

I’m going to keep this short as I am shattered! We did it. We completed day one. We walked 16.72 miles from Segedunum to Heddon on the Wall.


We thought it was going to be a 15 mile day but the route ended up being a bit longer than expected and we only stopped for lunch after 12 miles. We stopped for lunch at The Boat House in Newborn and Uncle Tim checked over our feet and gave us all foot massages and SOS treatment.

Carrying on we were chased by dogs playing with our shadows, chatted to some lovely families, saw upside down rainbows and cloud Angels. Mum was certainly with us today but would have been in the pub at the end with a large gin and slimline tonic laughing at us crazy fools.

What a day! We started through industrial paths to walking along the River Tyne, through lovely parkland and wooded walkways to finally up one MASSIVE hill!!!! Finishing at the Three Tuns in Heddon.

Our legs are shredded. Our feet hurt! and we have sun burn.

As it was Laura’s 30th Birthday today we went for dinner to Ottoman a delicious Turkish restaurant not far from the hotel. Stuffed and aching it is time for bed.

If you want to support us and our seriously aching limbs please donate via our just giving page:JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

These two places we ate/drank today were great: The Three Tuns and Ottoman




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