Addenbrooke’s Hospital. BRCA1 Gene testing results.

I’m just back from a visit to Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge to get the results of Mum’s BRCA1 & BRCA2 gene mutation test. My Mum had Breast Cancer over 10 years ago and passed away from Ovarian Cancer in March this year. Before she passed away she had a blood test and gave approval for us to do a gene test to see if she carried either of the hereditary gene mutations that could have meant that myself, my brother, and further generations could have been at a higher risk of getting Breast and Ovarian Cancer.


It was a long wait as the DNA testing process takes two months, and then it was a while before I could get an appointment on a date that would allow me to have someone there to support me when I got the news. Thankfully the news was good and Mum didn’t have the gene. This is great news for my family and a huge relief. There were many tears shed in the appointment. I know Mum would have been smiling down with relief herself.


As Mum had literally turned 50 (a matter of days) when she was diagnosed with breast cancer I have been put on a high risk list and I will be starting regular breast screening as soon as I turn 40. When I turn 50 I will be in contact with Addenbrooke’s again to discuss my Ovarian Cancer risk again and if there have been any further developments in the gene testing field for cancer as they keep Mum’s sample on file and will re-test in the future.

The team at Addenbrooke’s have been so efficient, supportive, caring and respectful. They are so thorough when you start the process ensuring it is something that you have really thought about and are mentally prepared for. I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation to consider going through the process.

It’s made me even more determined to raise the money towards our £4k target on our Hadrian’s Wall Walk for Cancer Research UK  as every penny could help develop new tests that could prevent future families suffering like ours has.


My Aunt and my Dad came with me today and I am so grateful for their support. We went for a celebratory lunch after at the Red Lion in Grantchester which was absolutely delicious. The service was wonderful there and we were so glad to have found the Pub. They were also filming the TV series Grantchester in the village and we got to black our noses for a little while. I didn’t realise until the waitress took a picture of us that we were all wearing the same colour, Rosemary’s Cruisers all in Blue.

Please help us to get to our target and help us fight this illness by donating via our Just Giving page
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